Musictech Digibeat Reedless Accordion

Musictech Digibeat Accordion

New model with Rhythms & Sounds
MusicTech DigiBeat Reedless Accordion – Amazing Only 5.2kg
Built in High Quality Sounds and Rhythms
From £5695

Built entirely in Castelfidardo with the same materials as traditional instruments, therefore maintaining the same ‘feeling’, but without reeds, so it is very light, only 5.2 kg (11.2 lbs).


  • Arrangements and Rhythms with Start/Stop – Intro/Ending A and B – Key Start – Key Stop – Arr. A, B and C – Fill A, B and Fill NXT Functions.
  • Optional Pedal Switchboard with 4 Programmable Control switches.

Sounds – Two Sound Banks are incorporated; one with General MIDI Sounds and one with over 150 Sampled Sounds including 50 Accordion Sounds (all sounds sampled by Musictech from all the most renowned accordions built from about 50 years ago to the present time) along with other instrument sounds such as Strings, Woodwind, Brass and Organs etc.

Dynamic Bellows Control – Incorporating remarkable Dynamic Bellows Expression control, reputed to be the best available, adding that extra touch of class and making the difference between a good performance and an outstanding one.

Performances – 100 completely programmable Performances, with the possibility to Save/Download to and from a USB stick. Each Performance can combine two internal sounds and two MIDI sounds (external) from each section (Right, Bass and Chords). Furthermore, in the Left Hand section it is possible to combine rhythmic sounds to both the Bass and Chords sections. By default, the factory provides 100 Performances programmed especially to meet the needs of most musical tastes.

USB Ports – The Dual Link is equipped with two USB ports enabling the loading of MIDI and MP3 backing tracks. The MIDI backing tracks are routed to the internal General MIDI sound bank. Furthermore there is a USB Device (output) port that enables the Dual Link to connect to a Personal Computer for use with a sequencer etc. and this is automatically recognized as a MIDI IN.

MIDI Out – for conventional connection to an external expander or other MIDI equipment.

Touch Screen – The Touch Screen, together with the control panel, not only enable you to manage the state of the entire instrument, but above all gives the possibility to change the Performances very easily with a single touch.

Couplers (Registers) – The Right and Left Hand couplers (registers) are completely programmable and basically function as additional Performances. Furthermore, the Right Hand couplers or registers, can be programmed to contain different combinations of Sounds for “Real Time” substitution of the Performances being played, or can be used as Performance couplers or registers.

Pedals – The Dual Link is equipped with a Volume Pedal and as an optional extra, a 4-way Foot-Switch Pedalboard. Both programmable for the internal functions of the instrument and the external MIDI functions or both.

Construction – The Digital Box, that is the accordion that houses the Dual Link System, is constructed using all the traditional methods of a classic accordion, but above all with the same materials, creating a feeling with the musician. In this way, although playing a new generation digital instrument, no difference will be found between this and a traditional accordion.
This is an instrument made totally in Italy, that is in Castelfidardo, the “Worldwide Home of the Accordion”.