New For 2018 - Upgrade your V3 Desktop with Fabulous New Sounds
With the Sonority UK Sound Board - £540

100 New sampled accordion sounds from famous accordion manufacturers

Maugein, Hohner, Cavagnolo, Scandalli, Mueller, Victoria, Bugari, Piermaria, Galanti, Zupan, Mengascini, Accordiola, Muss Baumer, Cordovox and more.


100 New sampled organ sound variations

Hammond B3 Tabs, German entertainer organ, Blackpool Theatre Organ, Blackpool Tower Organ, Classic Organ, Blackpool Tower & Glocken Reiteration.


400 New orchestral G.M. sounds with multiple variations on each sound including

Pianos, Guitars, Strings, String Ensembles, Brass, Synths, Banjo’s and More.


Link to New Sound Chart

V3 Sound Sonority UK Upgrade Sound Board



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